Financial Aid

Arts Education and Performance Management Services

The international Conducting Workshop and Festival is the premiere project of Arts Education and Performance Management Services (AEPMS). As such, AEPMS can offer ICWF participants a unique opportunity who need financial assistance and who can find individual patrons.

AEPMS manages and advises projects which are proposed by individuals who do not have nonprofit status. Once AEPMS accepts a project, it may also accept tax deductible donations to support the project. So, an ICWF participant would propose a project for AEPMS that is simply all participation costs for ICWF (tuition, travel, hotel, food, musical materials, and other expenses). ICWF participants would make an agreement to cover all expenses including AEPMS fees (which would be waived since ICWF is a project of AEPMS). Any donations toward this project would apply toward the expenses with the remaining costs covered by the participant.

AEPMS would create a webpage for your project on which would include a project description and a link to make online donations.

As a registered 501c3, all donations to AEPMS and AEPMS projects are tax deductible. To garner support for your participation, you would find sponsors who would make donations to AEPMS specifying your project during the donation process (either by choosing the specific project on the online donation form or by noting on the check or in a letter). To help you raise money for yourself, AEPMS and ICWF can each write letters on your behalf.

In the last twenty years the ICWF granted over $150,000 in tuition scholarships through the generous help of the Joel Fan Foundation and now AEPMS will serve the same function for ICWF.

To create a project for your ICWF participation, email Benjamin Loeb, AEPMS president at and let him know that you would like to proceed with an AEPMS project.

Arts Education and Performance Managerment Services is a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation and qualifies for tax-deductible contributions. Please consider making a donation to AEPMS to support ICWF.