Financial Aid

Arts Education and Performance Management Services

As a project of Arts Education and Performance Management Services (AEPMS) The International Conducting Workshop and Festival can offer a unique opportunity for participants who need financial assistance and can find individual patrons. AEPMS can accept general donations which it can grant to its projects. All donations to AEPMS are tax deductible under the law since it is a registered 501c3 organization. To garner support for your participation, you would find sponsors who would make general donations to AEPMS. Their donations to AEPMS would support the scholarship activities of ICWF. To help you raise money for yourself, AEPMS and the ICWF can each write letters on your behalf. In the last ten years the ICWF granted over $150,000 in tuition scholarships through the generous help of the Joel Fan Foundation and now AEPMS will serve the same function for ICWF.

Technically, you can act as a fundraising agent for the ICWF and raise money from your own network of support for your tuition scholarship. Anyone you know who would like to help you would then send their support to AEPMS and suggest that the money go to your scholarship. Then, the Foundation will grant the ICWF the money along with the suggestion to whom the money should be applied. The ICWF would then accept the suggestion of AEPMS and apply the money received to the conductor. In the past, the money was 100% granted according to the suggestions. The ICWF guarantees full credit for the amount raised through AEPMS, even if the specific money is not allocated directly to your scholarship. AEPMS has generously agreed not to charge any fees for the processing of this money - the usual fees for fiscal sponsorship relationships are 3-6%.

ArtMatch Process:

  1. Make all checks to the "AEPMS". Please do not indicate the name of the participant on the check.
  2. To facilitate the processing of the grants, the sponsor should say exactly the following in a cover letter:
    To Arts Education and Performance Management Services:
    I am making this donation to AEPMS in support of the International Conducting Workshop and Festival. I suggest that this money be applied to the tuition scholarship of [name of participant].
    [Name of Sponsor]
    [Address of Sponsor]
    [Email Address of Sponsor]
  3. Mail checks and letters to:
    c/o International Conducting Workshop and Festival
    3513 Cabriolet Ct
    Plano, TX 75023
  4. The receipt of the check will be acknowledged by the AEPMS and the application of the tuition scholarship will be acknowledged by the ICWF.

Arts Education and Performance Managerment Services is a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation and qualifies for tax-deductible contributions. Please consider making a donation to AEPMS to support ICWF.