International Conducting Workshop and Festival

ICWF 2024 Dallas

The International Conducting Workshop and Festival is thrilled to announce ICWF 2024: Dallas, a new partnership with the Plano West High School Orchestra and Boosters, Ryan Ross, Orchestra Director, in Plano, TX (a suburb of Dallas) to present a workshop from June 19 through June 24, 2024 focusing on Beethoven and Tchaikovsky and led again by Donald Schleicher (Northwestern University Bienen School of Music) and Farkhad Khudyev (University of Texas Austin Butler School of Music). They will be assisted by Benjamin Loeb (ICWF Artistic Director). Susan Dunn will lead Presence on Stage sessions, and Michael Sheppard will be the workshop pianist.

Khudyev and Jared

About the International Conducting Workshop and Festival (ICWF)

Since 2002, ICWF has offered unparalleled conducting training and critique in an intensive, yet non-competitive, professional, and supportive atmosphere creating a superb opportunity to immerse oneself deeply in important standard orchestral repertoire studying with faculty of world class stature.

For practical experience, all participants conduct both full orchestra and piano sextet. Subjects studied include conducting technique, interpretation, score study, analysis, rehearsal technique, stage deportment, and musician interaction.

Don Schleicher's 12 Ingredients to be a Great Conductor

Don Schleicher tells us all the "12 Ingredients to be a Great Conductor" with Benjamin Loeb

ICWF 2024 North Bohemian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

ICWF 2024 North Bohemian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. Conductors: Feliza Estrada, Justin Han, Jacqueline Klein, John Moon, Michael Sheppard.

Watch their entire concert here:

August 26-September 4, 2024, we will present another workshop with the NBOBO in Usti nad Labem. Applications are open now! ICWF 2024: NBOBO August