Dunn Session

Here is the information that conductors need to read to prepare for Susan Sunn's ICWF 2023 Avaloch Stage Presence classes:

A New Flute

Anxiety And Behavior -  2023

Anxiety in Musical Performance, Handout

Dr. Hanson, 2022

Neuroplasticity Worksheet

Practice and Perform

Presence - ICWF 2023

Presence Visual 2023

Presence, Checklist, 2023

The Performing Brain, SLD

The Second Circle, Mental Awareness 2023

The Second Circle, Physical, 2023

Voice Analysis -2023

Speaking Class - 2023

Accessing Emotion - 2023

Materials from Previous Workshops

Preparing a Spoken Introduction

Presence, A Speaking Checklist 2021, Katy

Second Circle Body Connection

Powerful Poses

Mindfulness Exercises



Listen to your Emotions, 2021 Katy