Presence on Stage

Presence on Stage

When you see and hear a musician, actor, or dancer who lights up the stage with their presence - you are uplifted, sustained, and transported in that moment.  Is it an innate quality? Is the magical gift of communication something you can learn?

As conductors, each time we walk onto a stage, we decide how to communicate and perform with the orchestra and our audience.  Are we in the moment, - confident, energized, aware, and prepared to be expressive, or alternatively - unaware of how to authentically connect to the orchestra and our audience, with little knowledge of the way others interpret and perceive us? As musicians and artists, we can move an audience deeply if we learn to be present. To consistently open this source of magnetic communication, we must identify the specifics of what it means to be ‘in the moment’ and present.

This class will provide participants with the tools and skills to implement PRESENCE ON STAGE.

1.  Course Objectives

2.  Course Structure

The following progressive units are designed for discussion, exploration, and practice.

 Defining Presence

Mental Presence: Power Performance

Connecting Mind and Body

Physical Presence

Breathing with Intention and Ease

Visualization and Imagination

Speaking with Confidence

3. Expected Outcomes

 Susan Dunn