Stravinsky Firebird (1919) Errata

Clinton Nieweg, Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Librarian (ret.), has provided his research on the errata for Stravinsky Firebird Suite (1919).  Much has already been published, but this is the most comprehensive list he has.  Please be aware that these comments apply to a specific publication of the Suite, because earlier publications have far more problems.  Below are his comments and the documents which appear in pop-up windows (pdfs, Word and Excel docs):

"My 2008 list has many other corrections that are not in the lists published in the Journal XII: 1 &2.  These corrections are only good for adding to the McAlister (read Nieweg) score as it has many corrections already printed. Kalmus Large A2131 $50.00  Study size  S0 17 $12.00. As these are the only scores that have (somewhat) matching parts conductors probably should own this edition. I can say this as I do not charge Kalmus for the proofing time and do not receive royalties on the sale of the editions. Other scores will have hundreds more mistakes.  As I have time and access to original sources, this and other works are continuing to be proofed.


Stravinsky Firebird 1919 pitches questions

Stravinsky Firebird 1919 Suite 2008 errata MASTER_1

Stravinsky Firebird concordance