ICWF 2019 Application Form

We are not accepting applications for active participants for 2019 - only Auditor and Wait List. If you are interested, please submit an application but do not pay the application fee.

Please check all that apply.

I am interested in one Extra Session on August 18, 2019. I understand this will incur an additional $750 fee.

Please choose a hotel option.
ICWF does not require that you stay in an arranged hotel but has negotiated significantly reduced rates at the Tsarsko Selo SPA Hotel where all of the workshop sessions will take place. Hotel fees include breakfast. ICWF provides lunch separately which is included in the tuition.

Please provide a link to an online video of your conducting. *3 excerpts are required for new applicants. Returning participants are not required to provide video excerpts.

Please provide a link to your second online video excerpt. *Required for new applicants, unless the first video is a compilation of multiple excerpts.

Please provide a link to your third online video excerpt. *Required for new applicants, unless the first video was a compilation of multiple excerpts.

Please attach your resume in either a Word file or pdf.

List any instruments you play and level of proficiency (1-10 with 1 as beginner and 10 and expert)

Reference 1 (Name, Email, Phone)

Reference 2 (Name, Email, Phone)

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By checking the "Yes" box, I agree to the following:

  • All of the information above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  • I agree to all the terms and schedule of tuition payment, and that failure to fulfill the terms may result in loss of placement in the workshop and additional late fees as stated on the workshop page.
  • I also understand that no fees will be refunded for my cancellation, unless ICWF is able to find a suitable substitute.
  • I understand that there may be changes to the schedule, repertoire or faculty, and that ICWF and/or Benjamin Loeb will not be liable for damages or be obligated to issue a refund.
  • I understand that ICWF will provide housing and meals as stated on the website.
  • I understand that I am responsible for my own travel to the workshop.
  • I agree to attend at all workshop sessions.