International Conducting Workshop and Festival
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About the International Conducting Workshop and Festival (ICWF)

Since 2002, ICWF has offered unparalleled conducting training and critique in an intensive, yet non-competitive, professional, and supportive atmosphere creating a superb opportunity to immerse oneself deeply in important standard orchestral repertoire studying with faculty of world class stature.

For practical experience, all participants conduct both full orchestra and piano sextet. Subjects studied include conducting technique, interpretation, score study, analysis, rehearsal technique, stage deportment, and musician interaction.

Geoff Loff

ICWF 2020: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bartok

The International Conducting Workshop and Festival is proud to announce ICWF 2020: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bartok held July 20-31, 2020 and led by Larry Rachleff and Donald Schleicher. We will be returning to Lviv with the Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. Click here ICWF 2020: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bartok for more information.
ICWF 2018 Group2

ICWF 2019 on Podium Time

Jeremy Cuebas hosts Podium Time recapping all the great experiences we had this past summer.